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- Here it is at last! - 

The sea of Enekjaer has been opened and is ready for your diving, boats and mermaids!


  • 3 Port lots
  • 3 Dive lots
  • 1 houseboat
  • Updated beach lot + New beach lot
  • Hidden island added
  • All islands routable ( + new lot )
  • Changes to the weather files: Less cloudy days and water fog updated for IP
  • NPC Mermaid in save file



  • There is a graphical issue with the dive lots in  overcast/stormy weather. If I figure out how to fix it I will, but otherwise try and avoid diving when its overcast or stormy (Which is good advice in any case :p)
  • There is no resort, as i didn’t wan’t to take up one of the lots that people might have already built on, and none of the rabbitholes fit. In the future I may upload one for separate download.

And finally:I track the tags “Enekjaer”, “Enekjaer Island” and “Fagersims”. If you feel like sharing on tumblr feel free to add them!


- Download - 




- CAW Files -


  • Intended for personal tweaking and the like, please don’t re-upload if you’ve only made minor changes or tweaks. 
  • You’ll need to add the required CC for the world in your CAW framework too, or it’ll disappear from the world.


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