Hello! Can you please tell me in what lot is located the gypsy caravan in Enerkjaer? Love you worlds btw. Thank you so much.

Hello, it’s on the beach if you downloaded the rug :)

Wedding in the Tivoli Gardens

(+Cheap wedding photographer alternative)

Wedding day,

what world are you playing in rn? the pictures look gorgeous!

Thank you anon! My own world Dronningslund, which you can find on my Tumblr ;)

I downloaded the house that you last put up for Dronningslund but when I try to go inside the building my sims don't move and make that movement that they can't move

That’s strange! I’ve been playing it for a while with no problems in my game :/

Maybe enter the “buydebug” cheat and delete the lot markers, and see if it helps?


Colorful & Berry Friendly Save


FagerSims’ “Enekjaer Island Paradise”


The idea of this save file was crossing my mind when I forced my game to install FagerSims’ breathtaking Enekjaer for Island Paradise but the save file crashed because I’m missing half of the needed EPs.

However, I love the world way too much to leave it unplayed and decided to build my own save file from the original world, with a colorful theme!

***The save file absolutely requires ENEKJAER IP by FagerSims which you can get in HERE. You can have both the original save file and this save file.

***Friendly in EP requirements.
Only Generations, Supernatural, Seasons, Uni Life, and Island Paradise.

***BONUS two berry sims! Start your own berry legacy with them as your founder’s spouse, convert them into vanillas, or just let them be your neighbors. Do whatever you want with these two! See them HERE.

All credit goes to FagerSims for creating this world. I just tried my best to give it some colors.


New Enekjaer save out there :)

I'm the anon poster regarding the items missing from Tivoli. I fixed most of the issues. I had to uninstall each individual item in the set and reinstall. For example - to the rollercoaster on the lot, I had to uninstall the Sky High Rollercoaster Cart and reinstall. The roller coaster appeared on the lot. Did the same for the Glowing Orb Streetlight (from WOW Carousel Collection). Only ones which did NOT work were 1) Simply Stringed Outdoor Lights, and 2) Jolly Pavilion.

Strange! I’m glad it’s about fixed though. Sorry I’ve been like, no help :p

Pursuing his dreams, 

Pursuing his dreams, 

They stayed out a bit later than everyone else,

The outing proved memorable for Marcia and Basheed.

Leisure day outing at the park,