Anyway, as further proof that I’ve been playing!

I’m awfully uncreative and has been continuing my Quomipash legacy! Marcia and Basheed had three children, and I’m fairly sure I’m going to make the teen, Augustine, the next heir :)

Edit: Its impossible to take family portraits without move objects…

I’m still here! I’ve only been busy setting up my “new life” in Copenhagen, which I’m loving so far!

Anyway, of course I’ve made time to play the Sims 4! I really hope a world editor will be available at some point. I think it’ll be possible to create a very dense and city-esque city with the new systems using deco buildings, and that’s very exciting!

For now though, I’m doing a “europeanier”, “urbanier” makeover of the beautiful Willow Creek. This is the WIP of the “train” neighborhood. 

Hey Vibeke! (-: I had a question. I really, really love your sims and I just love how their noses look (that sounds kinda weird ^^, but whatever) Could you tell me what you used to make them look like that? Much love from Holland.

Hi anon! and thank you for your compliment! I made a list of my favourite blushes a while back, which can be found here :)

Hello! When i saw the pics of Dronningslund i loved it so much and i wanted to have it, but my game couldn't stand it. Now, a lot of time later and after cleaning and reinstalling all my CC, i finally could play in your world. I totally love it, it's so beautiful and i love the colors and the architecture and the canals and everything! I had the opportunity to visit Denmark in summer holidays and this world remind me of how beautiful those places are. THANK YOU!

Thank you very much! I’m glad you enjoyed it :D

are you inspired by the wolfshagen manor when you build one of the houses in enekjaer? cos I could see the resemblance, it's pretty sick and i love it

Hi, never heard of that manor before, but I can see how it resembles the one in Enekjaer (a lot!)

I based it off off a Danish one I found on google, which i sadly don’t remember the name of right now.

Are you planning to release any more lots for Dronningslund before Sims 4 arrives and you forget about all us Fagersims fans? :P

Hello! I don’t want to seem like I’m forgetting or neglecting this blog, but over the last month I’ve been occupied by moving across the country and starting university here. 

I don’t think i’ll be uploading any more Dronningslund lots, as I think I’ll be playing ts4 once that comes out. But I may switch back to ts3 if the lack of CASt gets too annoying.

Thanks for the question though, i should probably have given some warning to my sudden disappearance 0:)

Where I can find post, where is to download Dronningslund, please ? Im blind :D

Here you go:


Dronningslund is my absolute favorite custom world, period. It's everything I need and never feels too crowded. Seriously, perfect size, perfect everything, so, thank you for taking the time to create and share this :)

Thank you so much anon! It means a lot <3

i've always used custom worlds in my game, and i just have to say dronningslund is perfect and by far my personal favorite. you really did an outstanding job and thank you so much for sharing your creations with the community :) keep at it!

Thank you so much! It really means the world to me that people like my towns and are so nice about it! I don’t think I could’ve kept myself motivated to finish them without all the great support I’ve received!

I hope it’ll be possible to create worlds for TS4 in time, so that I may continue this hobby of mine :)

Can you tell me what filter you use in the photographs? You make great shots! Congratulations. ♥

Thank you so much! I use my own action, so I’m super pleased that you like it :D

Fun with S3PE and the CAS Relolour Tool,

Experimented with making some of the makeup pieces i missed in CAS. Resulting in three slightly different eyeliners and one blush

I’ll upload these properly, with color switches and other fun stuff, when it becomes possible to add new items in the catalog instead of only default replacements.

Right now I just wanted to share what I’ve been wrestling with, even though they’re simple and silly, since I don’t have that many sim-things going on to blog about atm. :)

hejdå !! :) okay i wanna download enekjaer but you said that it requires basegame rugs and equestrian center door. for some reason i can't go to the page to download them?? can i download these from somewhere else or what i should do??

Hello! Customsims is down, and has been for a while. There’s a link to the necessary rugs in my FAQ :)

Same anon as before, you have so many great sweaters, where do you find them all? Do you have any links?

I love sweaters! I usually find them randomly on tumblr or on MS3b.

These are some of my favorites sweaters:




Sorry for the long wait, it took me some time to put together my list :)

Also, I tried to find the sweater Marcia is wearing, but I think it’s been removed :(

Scif aksel's and basheed's hairs? They're so cute, I cant take it!

Hello! I believe they’re store hairs, either "Bohodacious Bangs", "Riddled waves" or "Clean and Crisp"


I've got little question about your world, but I think you will not want do it. I just want please you make world which would be in Fanoe, or Roemoe style.

I love those islands! But I don’t like making a world after an actual real place, and they’re pretty similar thematically to Enekjaer.

Plus, I’m not sure if I’m going to create for the sims 3 again, or switch to the sims 4 :)